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Fully managed live-in care service for all ages, tailored to suit your needs


I particularly want to praise the work of Mum's live-in carer who provided the most professional and dedicated support and whose cheerful personality and loving manner made a tremendous difference.

Live-In Care for the elderly

call-iconLive-in Care enables anyone, young or old, with care needs to continue living in their own in home with a round-the-clock care worker. Whether you just need companionship or have some specific health issues that mean you require extra support, Live-in Care provides a full-time solution realistic and affordable alternative to moving into a care home. 
Our Live-in Care service is fully managed so you do not have the duties of an employer and you have the peace of mind of knowing your support worker’s holidays will be covered .

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Personal assistants for
younger adults

call-iconAgincare's fully managed service provides quality support to a wide range of younger adults with many different dependency levels and needs, at home, at college or in the workplace.
The needs we provide care & support for can include physical disabilities, learning difficulties, chronic or terminal illnesses or mental health problems. Typically support is provided for the following types of activity:

  • Socialising and getting about
  • Involved in sports & clubs etc
  • Study support
  • Housekeeping
  • Domestic duties
  • Personal care
  • Respite/short term care
  • In the workplace

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We understand that by providing specialist person-centred dementia care the quality of life for you and your family and friends can be significantly enhanced. Each plan of care is bespoke and tailored to your unique requirements and we undertake reviews of your care plan as and when your needs change. All of our care & support workers complete the nationally recognised ‘Common Induction Standards’ , in addition to this Agincare has a range of training programmes for specific conditions:-

for Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Agincare creates a specific care plan to enable the individual to remain in control of their daily life. There are a number of elements that need to be understood:-

  • Knowing the personality
  • Personal history
  • Cognitive Function and Memory
  • Their surroundings

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

for Parkinsons Disease

Agincare has an internal ’Understanding Parkinson’s’ training programme in place. Included are the following topics:

  • Awareness of Parkinson’s
  • Person-centred care and support
  • Communication
  • Medication Management

Parkinsons Disease

for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Agincare has an internal ‘Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness and Management’ training programme in place. Included are the following topics:

  • Awareness of MS
  • Person centred MS care & support
  • Promoting Self Management

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

for Stroke recovery

Agincare has an internal ‘Stroke Care Pathway’ training programme in place. Included are the following topics:

  • Understanding the cause of a stroke and the range of effects
  • Cognition and active
  • Exercise, diet and risk
  • Enablement and after care.

Stroke Recovery

Agincare's Live-in Care - The Film

A short film about Live-in Care


  • I just wanted to feedback to you some lovely comments made by the Hospice. We provide a fair bit of live-in care to some of their patients and they said the...

    From one of our Regional Coordinators.

    I just wanted to pass on how good and professional Janice was through my time in the home.  I believe this is Janice’s first placement, yet you would not have known it.  She spent time sitting with the client, reassuring her and thoroughly read the care plan.  

    Agincare Live-in Care Services Ltd

  • Having Sarah visit was so wonderful. She was diplomatic, calm and professional. I feel really well supported by Sarah and the office team.......

    Client Mrs L.

    I’m feeling weal and wobbly but I am well looked after.  Kana is absolutely fantastic , she looks after me so well and we have become great companions.  Kana is not just a care worker, she is a companion and confidant.  She is marvellous.  

    Agincare Live-in Care Services Ltd

  • Thank you Piers and the Agincare team for helping to organise live in care for Mr S so promptly.......

    Client Mr C.

    I am very happy with my carer.  Gladys is a wonderful cook and I ‘m being spoilt with her culinary skills!  

    Agincare Live-in Care Services Ltd

  • We are so grateful to Agincare for all the help since the time you have been appointed. I have nothing but praise for your company and, of course, Hilda........

    Daughter of Mrs S.

    just a message to say that all is going well. Maria is just brilliant with mum and I could not wish for a better carer.  She is in the best possible hands.  

    Agincare Live-in Care Services Ltd

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