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Fully managed live-in care service for all ages, tailored to suit your needs

We believe in good care

I want to praise the work of Mum's live-in carer who provided the most professional and dedicated support and whose cheerful personality and loving manner made a tremendous difference.

Live-in care for elderly - round the clock peace of mind

Live-in care enables anyone, young or old, with care needs to continue living in their own home with a round-the-clock care worker.

Whether you just need companionship or have specific health issues that mean you require extra support, live-in care provides an affordable, full-time alternative to moving into a care home.

Our live-in care service is fully managed so you do not have the duties of an employer. You also have peace of mind of knowing your support worker’s holidays will be covered.

Recent research shows that nearly three quarters of us want to remain in our own homes as we get older. For many of our older clients, our service has prevented hospital or care home admission, whilst improving health and wellbeing. Our dedicated and well trained live-in care team offers a personalised service ranging from companionship to care and support for people with complex health conditions, such as dementia or palliative care.

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Why choose Agincare’s Live-in Care service?

About our Live-in Care workers

Agincare looks for that special blend of compassion, common sense, reliability, good humour and a great work ethic. We provide comprehensive training, support and welfare to all of our staff because we view them as our most valuable asset, to be nurtured and continually developed. Always professional, they will strike the right balance between being supportive, promoting independence and offering reassurance.

Person First specialist dementia care

The essence of our 'Person First' specialist dementia live-in care is to put the person first, and understand who the individual is and what are their requirements and needs. This personalised approach is at the heart of ‘Person First’, and it also means making an emotional connection with our clients ensuring that they receive the very highest quality of care and quality of life in the comfort and surroundings of their own home.

Quality Care Assurance

Our Live-in Care Service is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and we have a structure and procedures in place to continually monitor our service to ensure the highest quality of care. Our “Believe in Good Care” campaign reminds everyone involved in care just what good social care provision means to the lives of those who receive it, we use this to promote and share the high standards of care Agincare provides.

Fully managed service

Our fully managed live-in care service provides you and your family with the all the support that you may need. We provide a dedicated live-in carer to support you around the clock so you can continue to live independently within your own home. Under this service we take full responsibility for every aspect of your care from assessing your needs to creating your bespoke care plan and providing all the ongoing support you may require.



Agincare 2017 Gender Pay Gap Report


From 6 April 2018 employers in Great Britain with more than 250 staff are required by law to publish their gender pay gap information, covering pay and bonuses. Agincare UK employs a high number of women in senior positions and there is no pay gap between their pay and men’s pay in such positons. Agincare Live-in Care Services shows a higher % of men in senior positions and when we are next recruiting, we will consider any additional ways of encouraging further female representation at a senior level.

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