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Balance, being together while being an individual

‘You didn’t come this far, to come this far’ * 

As the story continues we have to pause at some critical points as they warrant special attention in the complex relationship between Live-in-Carer and the client. More specifically, to continue in line with my self-disclosing theme of these blogs it’s about my carer and me. This blog is primarily placed in the series of blogs to create new ideas for the carers.

Space, ways of working and actualisation

‘If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else!’

At the back end of the summer of 2016, the logistics, whether done right or wrong, were a part of the past. I had slightly overcome some of my fears, be it through prayer, talking with others but more importantly, (on my own level),  a self-acknowledgement that only I had got myself into this condition. 

My condition, fears and aspirations

Every day is like Sunday, silent and grey. 

In May 2016, this is where my life had got to. I could not distinguish between days of the week, where I needed to be, promises I’d made and whether the sun was shining or not.

I had just returned from two unsuccessful liver transplant assessments at Kings Hospital, London. I was a high risk for a transplant to save me from the obvious. I was now too declining psychologically, emotionally and in thought.

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