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Graham came to England from Dubai to study Psychology at Brunel University.  He was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Graham is 20 years old and decided to come to England to further his education with support from his family and a care provider in the UK. Due to Graham’s care needs it was decided a live-in support worker would best suit him. Graham required assistance with transferring to and from his wheelchair, with personal care and when carrying out social activities. Graham specifically requested a young support worker as he wanted to make the most of university life. Graham, with the help of his support worker, regularly went to the gym, cinema, attended social events held by the uni and also enjoyed a drink in the local pub. Since choosing to have a live-in support worker, Graham has successfully completed his course at Brunel University and has returned home to Dubai.


Agincare provides live-in support to Simon. Simon is a 53 year old man who suffered a spinal injury some years ago. Simon currently lives at home with his parents who are his primary support workers. However, Simon has created an arrangement whereby Agincare provide temporary live-in care on a periodic basis. Simon is still very much in control of his life both at home and socially and has a job. Part of the reason Simon requires a support worker is to help him with his role as a Senior Inventory Controller at a local business. Simon’s role involves stock control and data entry using a computer. Due to Simon’s disability, he is unable to take notes whilst working so therefore benefits from his support worker in that aspect of his role. Simon goes to work 2 hours every week on a Wednesday. As well as being supported with his employment, Simon requires help with personal care, transferring to or from his wheelchair and cooking/domestic duties. Simon maintains a busy social calendar and his support worker accompanies him.


Alison is 24 years old and has recently moved into her own flat. Alison has cerebral palsy and requires support for all daily activities. Alison also requires help with socialising and managing her practical issues such as banking and shopping. On a daily basis Alison has her live-in support worker carry out all personal care, cook a well balanced diet and ensure her flat is kept clean and tidy. Alison has got a very close family network but it was decided that with Alison moving into a new flat, a support worker would enable her to take an extra step in maintaining her independence. Due to her 24 hour care needs, a second care worker visits Alison on a daily basis to help the live-in support worker transfer Alison safely to and from her wheelchair.

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