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Agincare provides live-in support to Simon. Simon is a 53 year old man who suffered a spinal injury some years ago. Simon currently lives at home with his parents who are his primary support workers. However Simon has created an arrangement whereby Agincare provide temporary live-in care on a periodic basis. Simon is still very much in control of his life both at home and socially and has a job. Part of the reason Simon requires a support worker is to help him with his role as a Senior Inventory Controller at a local business. Simon’s role involves stock control and data entry using a computer. Due to Simon’s disability, he is unable to take notes whilst working so therefore benefits from his support worker in that aspect of his role. Simon goes to work 2 hours every week on a Wednesday. As well as being supported with his employment, Simon requires help with personal care, transferring to or from his wheelchair and cooking/domestic duties. Simon maintains a busy social calendar and his support worker accompanies him.

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