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Specialist end of life or Palliative care case study

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My Father had been suffering for some time with terminal cancer, his last wish was that he should pass away as peacefully as possible at home.

Initially, and due to the perceived cost of full time care from a private source, we were concerned how we could best resolve the matter; we subsequently struggled on until, reaching the point of exhaustion, we approached Agincare Live in Care – as recommended by Dad’s GP.

On speaking with Agincare, you kindly and clearly explained how Live-in Care could assist by providing a professional care worker who would move in on a 24/7 basis – the actual cost for this permanent care being extremely reasonable.

I recall instantly knowing that we had made the correct decision. The care worker duly arrived within 24 hours and immediately brought an air of calm to the situation. Whereas Dad’s house had become a surrogate hospital with medical personnel constantly passing through, he, the care worker, was able to resurrect a “homely” environment.

I would highly recommend the services of Agincare Live-in Care and the invaluable expertise that you are able to provide in terms of palliative care. I would thank you most sincerely for the instant and professional manner in which your team dealt with an extremely sensitive situation and for the excellent

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Service User’s son
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