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Food Can Make Us All Happy.

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They say that you have to “Eat to live don’t live to eat”.

It is a beautiful statement but we human beings have raised food preparation and eating to an artistic level.  The variety of dishes on our planet is impressive.  All of us wake up in the morning with a question in mind - “What should I eat today” …. And if you smile when you read this, that means you are agreeing with me.  This is happening because our taste buds are transmitting pleasure impulses to our brain and pleasure brings comfort and happiness.

In our line of duty as live in carers, we can work with people that unfortunately are deprived of some of the pleasures of life. They are often getting older, sometimes suffering with illness or they can be disabled.   However, all of them have something in common - they eat.

Therefore, food can become a bridge between you and your client, even if he is grumpy, or depressed and disconnected.  Food can be your chance to bring a bit of pleasure and happiness into your client’s daily routine.  This real opportunity should not be missed

It can be very important to have a discussion with your client about his favourite dishes and to observe his or her eating habits when you enter in a new placement.  If you are not a good cook, DO NOT PANIC.  Open Google or a cookbook and search for any recipes even if they are unfamiliar to you.  Anything your client likes – try to cook it.  Just follow the instructions and you will succeed. 

DO NOT try to cook and serve to your client the food that you like and you grew up with. 

DO NOT FORGET.  He is not Eastern European, Asian or African and he might not enjoy your Tripe soup, your super spicy curry or your fried insects!

The majority of our clients are British and even if they are open to try anything, they will always prefer their comfort food. He will love the food that his mother was cooking for him when he was a kid or the food that she was cooking for the entire family when she was younger and stronger.  To be honest, it is not very difficult to learn how to cook a proper English breakfast lunch or dinner. 

An old joke is coming to my mind just now:
Question  :     Which are the World’s thinnest books  ?
Answers :
1. “100 Years of German Humour”
2. “America’s Most Popular Lawyers
3. “The French Hospitality Guide”
4. “The Cookbook of  the United Kingdom” ☺

So, my dear colleagues, try not to underestimate the power and the magic of food.  If you do not know already, try to learn cooking British food and bring some happiness on your client’s face because……… food can make us all happy!


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