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Hello Holiday !

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After twelve weeks of work I am ready to enjoy a short holiday.

Everybody needs some rest after a long period of time being connected with the job.  As a live in carer, you have to give 24/7 of your time and attention to your client, while you are in placement. Even during your breaks, when you are in your room, or during the night when everybody sleeps you are still in contact with your job and your client’s needs.

All this time, you are away from your family and friends and the holiday is that time when you need to catch up with them.

Vacation is also that time away from your client, somehow necessary, for keeping a good and long lasting relationship with him/her. Everybody knows that, if you put two persons in an enclosed space (in this case a house or a flat), after a while, they start to step on each other's is just human nature.

From my personal experience a short holiday gives you the chance to recharge your batteries and when you return to the placement you will be more focused and attentive with your client. Also your vacation gives to your client the chance to compare your service with the service of another carer. This is a good thing for the industry in general, because the chances for the client to find his " favourite carer " are increasing.

A good match between the carer and the client will make both of them happy and this will ensure a long relationship between the client and the care company. As a conclusion, only good things are resulting from a small vacation I can shout at the top of my lungs.... Hello Holiday !


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