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July 2016 Live-in Care Newsletter

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Summer is finally here and there are many community events that your client may enjoy to visit so take a look at some local events pages or local post office notice board – this could be a fun day(s) out for you and your client!!!

Can you think of any other summer activities for you to do if your client is unable to leave the home? How can you bring that summer feeling to them? A bunch of flowers from their garden? Ask them about a memorable summer and activities they used to enjoy at this time of year!

Remember, everyone is different and our work must be person centred so get to know your client and find out the things they enjoy. Laughter is a sign of wellbeing and a way of combating loneliness. Empowerment is also key; wherever possible promote independence in a positive way.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have recently completed or updated your training. Remember all training must be updated yearly with the exception of Health and Safety which needs to be updated every other year. Do you know when yours is due to expire?

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