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Live in Care Winter 2016/17 Newsletter

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I hope that I find you well and that 2017 has so far been a good year. It is certainly lining up to be a very busy year for our service and the Agincare Live-in Care Team. As I type, some very positive changes are taking affect that will have a direct impact on you and the service you receive from Agincare. Here are just a few…..

1/ Our Regional Coordinators are now called Regional Care Managers and there are more of them – you’ll see them their contact details later in the newsletter. You should now be receiving weekly calls from them and they will be supporting and visiting you and your care worker on a more regular basis. The office team has also grown and they will continue to concentrate on monitoring, checking and continually working to improve your service.

2/ We have formed a Board of Directors and our wonderful Deputy Manager Suzanne Kitson will in the next 12 months become the Registered Care Manager for the service. Suzanne is a very competent, caring and customer facing manager – that’s great for everyone!

3/ We work in partnership with over 20 local authorities but in the last 12 months this has developed into some exiting projects supporting the NHS and Councils with hospital discharge services featuring specialist reablement and dementia teams. Hot off the press – Our Discharge to Assess contract in Portsmouth and Hampshire is due to grow and we are to be put forward for a national award for integrated working!!

4/ Our work to create a Dementia Specialist Team is gaining momentum. The ‘Person First’ service has created its own training course and will soon be launching a team of trained ‘pathfinders’ in our regions, designed to support and offer guidance to carers and care workers.

Finally, take care and please remember to keep talking to us – your feedback is very important!”

Feb 2017
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