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The Agincare Group was established in 1993 to help people with their care needs. It now operates across much of the UK from a network of 40 local offices and has over 50 contracts with local authorities as well as regularly working with Primary Care Trusts.

Agincare employs over 1,300 staff and delivering a consistent high quality service is our priority. The most suitable match between each care worker and each client is very important to us, as we understand that it is a very personal experience for both people.

The Agincare Live-in Care Board and Senior Management Team comprise highly experienced individuals from social, health and community care backgrounds, central and local government as well as financial and commercial settings. We ensure that this mix of professional skills and experience encourages continuous development of the quality and range of our service provision.

Agincare Live-in Care Services vision is to be recognised by our customers across the UK as an excellent provider of live-in Care’, and our mission is‘to provide responsive, personalised and value for money live-in care services to an excellent standard'.

Unlike many other care companies, Agincare Live-in Care has remained family owned, with no external investors despite our success and rapid growth. This creates a continued sense of a local and caring company driven by people with a passion for what they do. The operational delivery of this is backed by a highly professional support framework including central functions of Finance, HR, Commercial and Quality Management.


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