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Care Planning for Dementia

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Date Published: 
Friday, February 20, 2015 - 12:45

We're more scared of getting dementia in old age than any other disease such as stroke, cancer and heart disease

  • Dementia is our most feared disease - overtaking cancer, strokes and heart disease, a survey has found.
  • The condition, which gradually destroys the sufferer's memory and personality, is feared by a third of people aged over 55.
  • This compares to only a tenth who say they are afraid of suffering a stroke, which is Britain's number four killer.
  • And only four per cent who say they are afraid of heart disease - the country's number one cause of death.

In a recent article published by the Live-In Homecare Information Hub, of which Aginmcare is a founder memeber highlights the growing concern over leaving care planning later and later so that often theyr are at crisis point with a parent or elderly relative before they start looking around and have no time to research the options properly. 

For the full article please visit the Daliy Mail's article found here

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