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Care Quality Commission - CQC

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Care Quality Commission - CQC

Burstow Commission’s report “Key to Care”

This week saw the publication of the Burstow Commission’s report “Key to Care” on the future of the homecare workforce. This clearly identified the huge challenges and risks for the social care sector in respect of pay, skill and capacity in the workforce, mirroring concerns that Agincare and other providers of social care have been expressing over recent years.

BBC1 Panorama care home abuse

Panorama on BBC1 last night showed the abuse of vulnerable older people living in care homes where filming took place. The reporting of this has once again raised questions about the care provided in care homes, the systems and leadership that allow such practices to go unnoticed and the challenges of ensuring a competent and ,most importantly, caring staff group.

CQC publishes their fourth annual report

On 21st November CQC published their 2012/13 annual report which is their analysis on the way people experience health and adult social care in England. The findings are taken from more than 35,000 inspections, which considers how care is delivered in hospitals, care homes, dental surgeries and in the community, for the period from April 2012 to March 2013.

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