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Dementia Care

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Caring for people who have dementia

Our proven solution to delayed discharge from Hospital

On 6th February 2017 the BBC reported "NHS Health Check: Nine in 10 hospitals 'overcrowded' this winter"

Whilst the pressure on the NHS continues to grow, Agincare Live-in Care continues to work alongside NHS hospitals, Clinical Commissioning Groups and local authorities to offer proven solutions to the overcrowding and delayed discharge crisis.

Care Planning for Dementia

We're more scared of getting dementia in old age than any other disease such as stroke, cancer and heart disease

Who will you walk for?

Memory Walk - fighting dementia together!  Agincare are organising a Memory Walk along the Rodwell Trail on Sunday 12th October starting from Admiralty Buildings, Castletown at 11.00 am to raise money for Alzheimer's Society.

Join us so we can fight dementia together. Alzheimer's Society Leading the fight against dementia.

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Dementia UK appoints the UK’s first 'Consultant Admiral Nurse', Agincare's own Jo Plamer

Agincare, in conjunction with Dementia UK,  have appointed Agincare’s Jo Palmer as the UK’s first 'Consultant Admiral Nurse' as part of the drive to push up the standards of care for high dependency dementia care and clinical nursing care across Agincare’s 12 care homes, live-in care and home care services. 

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