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Next Steps For Getting Younger Adult Support

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Assessment process and delivery of care and support:

Using our service is simple. On initial contact with the office you will be asked for some basic details and a visit by one of our staff will be arranged with you. It is very likely that you will have someone else involved in your support arrangements. It may be a family member, an advocate, a support worker, a health professional or someone from Connexions and if you would like one of these people to be with you at this visit we welcome that, but it’s up to you, they don’t have to be. During the visit you and/or your representative will be asked questions about the service you want and need. Following this assessment meeting, you will have developed your own bespoke care and support plan which will be written up and sent to you for checking that everything has been included. This plan sets out what our care and support workers will do to support you and is what we use to match your needs and, wherever possible, interests and preferences to the most suitable care and support worker. If at any time you want to change any aspect of your care and support you can simply call (or e-mail/write) to the office. We will update the plan and send you a revised copy, visiting you if the change is more substantial or if you would prefer it done face to face. Once a care and support worker is placed with you, regular contact with both of you will take place to ensure that all is going well. Review meetings will be held to ensure that your needs and expectations are still being met, or in case of changed circumstances, the care and support plan needs to be updated.

Step by step guide

Initial enquiry by website or phone

  1. Care and support assessment visit at a time and location convenient to you
  2. Costing agreed
  3. Care and support plan and risk assessments agreed
  4. Matching of care and support worker
  5. Introduction of care and support worker
  6. Monitoring and reviews of the service at regular, agreed intervals
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