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Costs of live-in care

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Costs of live-in care

Most people would rather be cared for at home than move into a care home or other institution and there are various financing options and state funding schemes which can help people achieve this.

Low dependency live-in care - costs from £795 per week

Companionship live-in care ranging from no personal care requirements to those who need assistance with some smaller aspects of personal care and day to day living.

Medium dependency care - costs from £875 per week

Personal care ranging from those needing slightly more help such as catheter care to those who may have a specific healthcare need such as Parkinson’s, reduced mobility, dementia.

High dependency care costs from £975 per week

High levels of personal care with more severe stages of neurological disorders and/or physical incapacity. People may require hoisting or may display some challenging behaviours.

Care for couples - costs from £1050 per week

Our friendly live-in carers can support couples in their own homes removing the need for partners to be separated, enabling them to remain together in their home and to continue to enjoy their daily lives whilst receiving the level of care they need.

Specialist Care

Agincare’s excellent reputation for providing high quality and person-centred services is achieved through not having a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our service provision. Our ethos is to provide a holistic service, which enables you to maintain full control and choice with your care so it fits around your chosen lifestyle and preferences.

Care Assessment

With Agincare, a care needs assessment is a free, no obligation process which is designed to assess the holistic needs of the service user. The assessment can be conducted within 24 hours of receiving the request and will be arranged at a time/place convenient to you.

A qualified assessor will arrive to conduct the assessment which will last approximately 1.5 hours. The assessment will then be used as the foundation to build the bespoke, person-centred service you require. In order to progress any care enquiry, we suggest a care needs assessment is arranged as it allows us to provide all the facts and figures required for you to make an informed decision.

Live-in care cost comparison to care homes

Live-in care is the practical and affordable alternative to care homes. Some of the key differences between the two types of care are show below, but ultimately it is down to the individual and the family to decide what is the best option.

Stay in your own home Move to a new environment
Live-in Care costs from £795 per week Costs start from £595 per week*
One to One home care Shared care
Continuity and choice of lifestyle Change of lifestyle
Funding may be available Funding may be available
Choice of menu and meal times Set menus and meal times
Freedom to have family and pets Communal areas and rules

*Typical cost of an Agincare Care Home on the South of England. With the flexibility of live-in care, the family can visit on their own schedule and can have more hands on involvement if they choose to. A bespoke care plan, delivered on a one-to-one basis, is a level of personal care that care homes cannot compete with. Whilst the costs of live-in care and care homes is comparable, the level of personalised care certainly isn’t.

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