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Peter’s Live-in Care Story

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By the age of 55, Peter’s health had deteriorated so drastically that doctors gave him just two months to live and he was receiving end-of life funding from the NHS.

He turned to live-in care from Agincare that helped him turn his life around through a bespoke care plan that catered to his holistic needs, rather than just the physical and medical side of his care.

His miraculous journey recovering from heart failure, liver cirrhosis and serious malnutrition stunned everyone in his life, particularly his doctors!

Peter’s Story

Peter’s initial care company delivered ‘normal’ day care, where medication was administered at the correct times after which Peter was left by himself for the remainder of the day.

Peter video 1

A care worker from Agincare was brought in and delivered a holistic, person-centred, bespoke care plan created around Peter's needs. Particular focus was put on medication management and nutrition, whilst encouraging Peter to go out, exercise and resume his basic routine in life.

Peter video 3

Peter’s incredible improvement in such a short space of time led to him going from being too ill to be considered for a transplant to not needing one at all. Even his doctors could not believe his progress, claiming he was Lazarus as he visited them three months after his 2-month end of life diagnosis.

Peter video 4

After a year, with help from his live-in care worker, Peter can now live independently once more. He has returned to being a devoted father to his children, a contributor to his local community and is back in work as an aspiring chef.

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