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Respite care

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Live-in respite care from Agincare is a short term solution enabling a carer, who may be a family member, to take a break. We can also provide cover for illness and emergencies.

Read our blog post detailing three reasons you might wish to consider respite care this Christmas.

Respite Care for Family Members

Our respite live-in care service enables carers to take a short break from their roles. Lasting anything from seven days to several weeks, it facilitates minimum disruption to important routines and lifestyle.

Emergency Respite Care

This can typically occur when your carer falls ill or has to go into hospital. In such situations, our live-in care respite carer can move swiftly to provide that vital care at short notice.

If you register with us now, we will carry out a FREE no obligation care assessment. This will allow us to create a bespoke personal care plan.

Based on the care and support needs required, we are then able to identify the right care worker with the skills and experience to ensure a service can be provided quickly and efficiently at short notice. 

Rapid Response

Where there is an emergency situation our rapid response team can carry out an assessment within 24 hours of a request being made and place a care worker within 5-7 days.

Types of Care

As with all our live-in care services, our respite support can be tailored to a range of conditions – including Dementia/Alzheimer’s, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), strokes, Parkinson's Disease, End-of-life care, spinal injuries and more. We provide respite care for elderly people and young people alike.

Agincare provides this service to Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts so that we can assist in helping people in hospital get home as soon as possible. We often provide this service to individuals. Please call us free on 0800 0121 247.

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