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Specialist end of life or Palliative care

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End of life care

When the time comes all we can wish for is peace, dignity, reflection, compassion, in the loving embrace of those closest to us. Most of us would prefer not to die in hospital, but at home, in familiar surroundings, in the company of those we love the most. But you may have concerns about staying at home - being alone, becoming a burden, needing intimate care, being in pain. A live-in care worker from Agincare can satisfy all these needs, they will be there to support you and your relatives 24 hours a day. And you may have the costs of this end of life care covered by the NHS who are committed to funding care for those who need it in their final weeks and months.

What is end of life live-in care?

The responsibility of caring for someone in their final stage of life can be overwhelming. They may well need help dressing and bathing, have a variety of medicines that have to be taken at certain times in the day, or it may simply be a case of cooking and cleaning the house. But whatever care and help is required the majority of us want to stay in our own homes as that is where we feel most comfortable and secure. If you want professional, compassionate care for your loved one without the upheaval of moving to hospital or a care-home, so that they have the familiarity of being surrounded by their own possessions and loved ones, an Agincare live-in carer is the ideal solution. As well as being practical and affordable it offers security for your loved one and the peace of mind that they are being well looked after in their own home..

How Agincare can help

Agincare’s team of highly experienced and qualified carers provide fully managed palliative live-in care. Our bespoke, individual, one-to-one care-plans are tailored to your specific needs within the comfort of home. Our professional caregivers will administer medication, oxygen, and manage pain and all other symptoms. Your personal needs will all be attended to so that you are as comfortable as possible. They can prepare your favourite meals for you, simple pleasures such as having the food and drink you prefer is something that can make all the difference at this time. If you have pets they will looked after them so you don’t have to worry. Friends and family can visit whenever they want without the restrictions of hospital visiting times, and household tasks such as washing and cleaning will be taken care of.

Your carer will provide companionship too. They will help with emotional and spiritual issues and any concerns you may have. They will support your relatives and can assist with any plans that need to be made including funeral arrangements. Above all you will maintain control and dignity in your final months while having someone there twenty-four hours a day to support you through this challenging time, you won’t be alone, we will be there to look after you.

We create a bespoke care plan for each individual, working with the District Nursing Teams, Occupational Therapists, and Palliative care teams so that everything is tailored to your needs. Should you have mobility issues we can work with Occupational Therapists and provide an additional carer at certain times if needed. We can get prescriptions from your GP or arrange a home visit if required. Our rapid response approach enables us to provide emergency care within 48 hours if your need is urgent.

Agincare End of Life Care Services


  • Personal care
  • Emotional Support
  • Managing Medication
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Other household tasks
  • Liasing with healthcare professionals


You are entitled to high quality end of life care

The Government made a commitment to us all in their ‘Choice in end of life care’ policy of 2016, that every person nearing the end of their life should receive attentive, high quality, compassionate care, so that their pain is eased, their spirits lifted and their wishes for their closing weeks, days and hours are respected. They committed to ensuring that all the needs of the dying person – spiritual, physical and familial – are provided for in accordance to their wishes and of those around them.

You may think that 24/7 care is costly and that you won’t qualify for funding due to the value of your estate. Whilst this is generally true of longer term palliative care, end of life care is different. ‘Primary health need’ refers to the care required in the final weeks and months of life and is generally funded by the NHS.

Training our carers

We at Agincare believe that our teams of dedicated care workers are our most important assets when it comes to providing top quality and personal care to all of the individuals in our care. We provide quality and thorough training to ensure that all of our carers are entirely focused and able to handle any situation in a respectful and caring manner. Specialist training is provided to staff through various means to enhance their skills and knowledge throughout their career with Agincare, to continually better meet the needs of the people we are caring for.

We believe in good care

“Alin and Dawn provided exceptional end of life care for my wife and made a very positive contribution to making a comfortable and happy home environment. Nothing was too much trouble.” Andrew.


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