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Agincare Live-in Care Services Ltd is the solution of choice for those individuals who want to stay in their own homes rather than entering residential care. Live-in Care provides care round-the-clock for a huge variety of clients. Research evidences that the majority of people who require that level of care would rather receive it at home than enter residential care, and we at Agincare Live-in Care have a service to enable that to happen! The Agincare Group has several different areas of related trading activity, which provide a wide range of services across three key areas: home care, live-in care, and community meals. Agincare has provided care to people in their own homes since 1993 and is now one of the largest independent providers of domiciliary care in the country. As an experienced and registered provider of domiciliary (home) care services with the Care Quality Commission in England (CQC), we ensure that detailed information on our service is made available to you and/or your representative. We are members of the United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA) and comply with the General Social Care Council’s Code of Practice for social care employers. Our office is located in central Blandford, close to local facilities and is able to be accessed by visitors. Our service is delivered across England and Wales with regional representatives available to support you locally. There is interview/meeting space available, though Agincare’s offices are on the second floor. The office is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm


The aim of our service is to enable Clients to remain as independent as possible whilst being supported at home in a way which takes into account rights to dignity, privacy, and confidentiality in a respectful manner at all times. Our objectives are: The aim of our services is to enable individuals to remain as independent as possible whilst being supported in a way which takes into account rights to dignity, privacy and confidentiality in a respectful manner at all times. a) To provide high quality, responsive services ensuring that the client or their representative has good quality information available so they can be fully involved in decision making about the services they receive. b) To provide services based on individually assessed needs and planned care, promoting dignity and respect whilst ensuring that we work in partnership with other agencies and professionals significant to the client. c) To provide and maintain services which comply with current legislation, standards and good practice guidance and in doing so ensure that individuals are safeguarded from harm through robust staff recruitment, training and working practices including medication management, infection control and health and safety policies and procedures. d) To recognise the role of the care and support worker as an integral part of our service, promoting and encouraging their contribution and ensuring that they receive ongoing training and supervision. e) To ensure that clients and/or their representatives are regularly consulted about the service we provide, now and in the future, and to make certain that our complaints procedures is available and is rigorously acted upon should concerns be raised. We also ensure that our services are reviewed regularly and revised as necessary. f) We are committed to ensuring the development of our registered managers and management practices within each of our services and to ensuring that service delivery is led with effective and structured organisation.


Agincare offers a wide range of services which are tailored to individual needs and a commitment to supporting people in their own homes through from low level support services such as shopping and cleaning, to live-in care for people with high levels of personal care need. The range of services include: - Domiciliary (home) care - Live-in care (both short and long term care) - Wakeful or sleep-in night care - Respite sitting - Home cuisine - Lunch clubs - Shopping - Bathing - Domestic help All of these services are complementary to each other, or they can be used separately depending upon the needs of the individual. We operate the same robust approach to the recruitment and training of all staff as required by regulations relating to the provision of personal care. We hope that this range of services enables us to respond to Service Users’ needs in a flexible way. Agincare are constantly striving to further develop the services provided in line with the changing needs of the communities we serve. Agincare Live In Care provides round-the-clock care, including daily domestic and personal home care, night-time care and respite sitting to the following groups of Clients: - Older adults (over 65 years of age) – with a variety of needs relating to physical health or disability, sensory loss, learning disabilities, mental health or dementia. The range of care provided includes all aspects of daily support through to full assistance with personal care tasks, including palliative care - Younger adults (18-65 years of age) – with a variety of needs relating to physical health or disability, sensory loss, learning disabilities, mental health or dementia. The range of care provided includes all aspects of daily support through to full personal care tasks, including palliative care - Children (under 18 years of age) and families – ranging from providing sitting services for children with a disability and/or their siblings, including assistance with personal care, to the care of children where an adult in the family is requiring support. Where specialist services are provided (such as working with children), Agincare is committed to ensuring that workers are provided with appropriate specialist training to prepare them for this work, using the skills and services of other health and social care professionals where necessary. We directly employ the staff who visit Clients; they are subject to a robust recruitment process including at least two references, Criminal Record Bureau enhanced disclosure checks and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) checks. Independence - Clients will always be encouraged to carry out whatever daily tasks they can for themselves in the interests of their own independence and wellbeing. Medication management -All clients will receive an assessment of their medication requirements. They will be assessed as either requiring Level 1, Assistance, Level 2, Administration, or Level 3, Administration using special techniques. Under normal circumstances all clients would be encouraged to self administer their own medication wherever possible, with the care worker simply prompting that it is time to take the medication and recording medications taken (Level 1). However often clients need assistance from the care worker in order to take their medication. For example, the tablets handing to them from a blister pack for the client to then take (Level 2). Sometimes the client may need their medications to be administered for them (Level 3), for example where a client may need administration of insulin or suppositories. In such circumstances care workers can only undertake this task when they have received professional instruction and have been certified as competent by a Professional person. Usually the District Nurse or Hospital Staff will instruct the care worker and issue a certificate of competence. All medication assistance is assessed with the client/client’s representative and therefore their informed consent obtained prior to commencement of service. The client/client’s representative will advise as to the level of assistance/administration they require, this will be recorded on the care plan and the client or their representative will be asked to sign the care plan, when completed, as an accurate record of their care requirements. Nursing care -Increasingly live-in care clients are requesting that what was historically considered as nursing care tasks be carried out by their care workers. This is due mainly to the confines of the client then being ‘tied’ to set times of professional visits, for example, for bowel care. Again, senior care workers, on receipt of specialist training and professional certificate of competence can carry out specified tasks. These tasks will always be listed in the care plan and only carried out by competent staff with the client’s or their relatives informed consent. Finance - Care workers are unable to act as appointees, attorneys or guardians for any client. They are however able to assist in collecting pensions, doing shopping and payment of bills. They must however follow strict procedures as laid out in our Company policy and procedures as to the strict recording of all financial transactions undertaken on the client’s behalf. All care workers MUST report to the office any unusual circumstances requested in managing a client’s finances in both their own and the client’s best interests. This list is not exhaustive and it remains the discretion of Agincare to decide where other tasks may not be provided.


In order for services to be provided all Clients will have been involved in an assessment process to determine what care the client needs and what service we can provide. These assessments are usually completed in the Client’s home or, for example, in hospital before discharge. There are two ways of accessing our services: as a Social Services Client or as a private Client. Social Services Clients: after the initial referral to the social services (this can be made by yourself, G.P., district nurse, neighbour, hospital or a current carer, son or daughter etc.) a social worker or care manager will visit you to complete an assessment from which a care plan will be completed and agreed by all parties. The care plan will set out the health, social care and level of support required in order to achieve specific outcomes and meet the particular needs of each service user. Social Services will set up a contract between Agincare and Social Services Contracts Section and will inform you of your level of financial contribution towards the full cost of the agreed package. Private Clients: can access Agincare directly on-line, by post, by telephone or in person and the Registered Manager or another suitably trained member of staff will complete an assessment and client plan which will identify the care that is to be provided and the tasks that are to be completed. They will also undertake a complete costing of the care agreed. A contract of care will then be drawn up between Agincare and you, the client. If a service is required at short notice or in a crisis all service-users will receive an initial assessment with a full assessment completed within two days. In emergency situations if a Social Services care plan is available this is used until our own is completed within 48 hours, or if not the care worker is fully briefed on client need by care staff and receive a confirming care plan within 2 days. All clients are assessed by Agincare staff and care plans compiled accordingly regardless of whether care plans from Social Services/other relevant Agencies are available. On the first visit the Registered Manager or suitably trained member of staff will explain about the service and undertake a risk assessment. This is to make sure that everything previously agreed is set up and that there are no issues outstanding e.g. the equipment is available to deliver the care package in accordance with the Care Plan. This visit also ensures that steps are taken quickly to rectify any problems. A file of information will be left in your home, with your agreement, so that you and your Care Workers can access information easily. (Should you not wish to have information left in your home, you will be asked to sign and date a statement confirming this refusal. This statement will then be kept on your personal file in the office.) Each file will contain all or some of the following documents: - Client Guide including a summary of the Statement of Purpose - Assessment of care needs - Care plan including the tasks we are going to carry out and any moving and handling plans - Risk assessment/s - Attendance records - Financial transaction forms (where relevant) - Medication records (where relevant) - Accident report forms - Terms and conditions The contents of each file may vary depending on the service you receive. A review of your needs will take place should any changes be notified by either yourself/relevant others or the care worker and in any event will take place at regular intervals. However, you may request a review of the service provided by us at any time. Clients and/or their representatives will be involved in all stages of the development and reviewing of assessments and care plans. You may ask to see personal information held on you by Agincare, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and with which we comply. You should also be aware that records held by Agincare, in relation to services registered with the CQC or supplied under contract from Social Services departments, can be subject to examination by authorised representatives of these organisations for the purposes of inspection or contract monitoring visits.


A sample copy of these is attached for information, together with a scale of current charges.


Agincare believes that if a client wishes to make a complaint or register a concern they should find it easy to do so. It is our policy to welcome both complaints, compliments and look upon them as an opportunity to learn, adapt, improve and provide better services. In the first instance contact your local office who will try to resolve any issues you have. In dealing with complaints we ensure that: - Clients, Carers, Users and their representatives are aware of how to complain, communicate and that the organisation provides easy to use opportunities for them to register their communications both verbally and in writing. - Every complaint is acknowledged within five working days with details of who is dealing with the complaint included. - All complaints are investigated within 28 days of being made. - All complaints are responded to in writing by the organisation within 28 days of being made (even if not yet resolved). Records are maintained of all input and output information for review and further improvement. - Complaints are dealt with promptly, fairly and sensitively with due regard to the upset and worry that they can cause to both staff and Clients. - Complaints are reviewed by senior management on completion and the client is contacted so that they understand the process, outcome, and any improvement. Compliments are also reported, shared with staff and subject to review. If the matter is still not resolved to your satisfaction you are able to complain to the CQC and/or Social Services (Social Care and Health) who can investigate further on your behalf. You can contact them directly at any stage during the process should you wish to do so. If your complaints remains unresolved you have recourse to the Ombudsman.


Agincare is registered with Quality Management Systems Ltd and has gained the ISO 9001 standard for approved administrative systems, standards and guidelines applying to the provision of domiciliary care. We ensure the provision of a quality service and enable feedback to be gained from service users and/or their representatives as follows: - Telephone questionnaires completed by the Registered Managers of each branch office at quarterly intervals - Written questionnaires at annual intervals to our Service Users and staff - Regular reviews with Service Users and/or their representatives and, where necessary, relevant health and social care professionals - Regular audits of minor issues arising in daily care provision and of compliments and complaints received by the company - Meeting regularly with staff and holding regular supervision and ensuring that their views are sought - Using reports from the CQC and local Social Services contract teams and addressing any shortfalls with clear action plans


Policies and procedures relating to all areas of care provided are available to all staff, and subject to review at least annually at Management Review meetings. Copies of these are available in all offices, with summaries of key areas also included in Care Workers’ handbooks and Practice Guides. Key policies and procedures include those relating to confidentiality, the protection of vulnerable adults, key-holding, handling Clients’ money, safe moving and handling, reporting of accidents and incidents, complaints, compliments, and maintaining records. There are many more covering all aspects of service delivery. Please note that our staff are unable to accept money and that this can seriously compromise them professionally. We do have a strict policy on gifts and legacies, so please contact your local Registered Manager if you have any queries.

Non Discrimination - Agincare is committed to anti-discriminatory practices, working in a way which respects the views, rights and behaviour of people from minority groups and which celebrates their diversity. We have a sensitive and responsive to the race, culture, religion, age, disability, gender and sexuality of the people receiving care, and to their relatives and representatives. We believe that every Client has the right to freedom of religion and belief and that this includes opportunities and facilities to practice their religion as long as such practice is not offensive to others. We will do everything possible to ensure that the way in which our service is delivered does nothing to compromise this right.

Equal Opportunities - Agincare is committed to building an organisation that makes full use of the talents, skills, experience, and different cultural perspectives available in a multi-ethnic society, and where people feel they are respected and valued, and can achieve their potential regardless of race, colour, nationality, national, or ethnic origins. No one will be disadvantaged because of any disability and opportunities will be equally available for all. Equal opportunities apply to all Clients and all Staff of Agincare Live In Care Services Ltd.


Our senior management team members have years of experience and hold various qualifications in either business management or social and health care, including nursing, social work and contracts management. Our Registered Manager and Operations Director has over 25 years experience in social care and is a qualified Social Worker and Practice Teacher. Agincare Care Workers have a wide and varying range of experience and qualifications. Some are even qualified nurses, occupational therapists or physiotherapists who choose not to continue to practice their specialist care in nursing settings, but nevertheless bring these skills to their current work. All staff undertake as a minimum, our comprehensive induction course, which complies with current industry standards on how Care Workers should be trained. Additional internal or external training is provided to staff as and when required. Moving and handling, medication and adult protection training updates are regularly provided; all staff receive other updates as required via our in-house training division. Agincare is also committed to a programme of vocational training via the various levels of the Diploma in Health and Social Care (which has replaced NVQs) for care workers and Registered Managers.

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