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Waking Nights Live-in Care

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Waking night care is becoming increasingly difficult for PCTs and LAs to obtain from domiciliary home care providers who struggle to find staff consistently prepared to provide this service for the funds available. Agincare can provide a live-in care service where most of the care worker's active hours take place at night. This is a simple reversal of the traditional live-in care model where most care is provided during the day. There are a number of benefits of this to you and your clients:

  • It can assist where there is an unmet need for a waking nights service
  • It can provide some capacity for double ups (if necessary) in the early mornings and evenings thus helping at two key times of demand for domiciliary home care agencies and thereby potentially reducing the cost of day time domiciliary care
  • With one live-in care worker providing the service it is reliable, 7 nights per week, with excellent continuity of care
  • It is comparable in price to a waking nights service provided by a domiciliary care agency

All other aspects of Live In Care remain the same, the main points of these being: 

  • The price of a package of live-in care is based solely on the individual assessment of the client’s needs
  • The care worker requires a room in the client’s house for sleeping
  • A live-in care worker is entitled to the equivalent of 2 hours break/day
  • The maximum number of ‘active’ hours for the care worker is 11 which, if generally used at night, means that only 1 or 2 disturbances can occur during the day
  • Live-in care is purchased in a minimum of weekly blocks

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