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Why live-in care and why Agincare?

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“We make a living by what we get, but we make life by what we give” (Sir Winston Churchill)

We are all probably familiar that in the UK the care sector is divided into 3 big categories: care and nursing homes, home care and live-in care. There are the informal caregivers to be noted as well, as part of the system. 

Based on the needs of our loved ones, some will chose a care/nursing home, whereas others will opt for home or live-in care. However, there are situations when we cannot cope with fulfilling the needs of the person we care for. There might be various reasons: job, personal commitments, family, children and why not, own passions and hobbies - and that is absolutely fine. In the same time, we might not want to remove our loved one from the comfort of his/her home in order to get the care needed - fair enough. So then is when a live-in care service is more than welcome - great stuff.

Imagine this: your mum or dad, spouse, child or why not, yourself are in a position where continuous care is required. And they have the option of continue living in their own home with a 24/7 care assistant, who can provide the extra support required for managing a health condition or just companionship. Does it sound appealing? If yes, you have reached the right place.

For over 30 years Agincare has been delivering quality care and is CQC licensed. The live-in care service for all ages tailored to suit your needs. It is fully managed by Agincare. There is a ‘no obligation’ live-in care assessment in case you want to find out more. The process is very easy and stress-free. Our staff are person-centred specialist trained, happily enhancing the quality of your dear one’s life. 

If you’d ask me, I might say that the staff are the greatest asset Agincare has: friendly and very committed people, caring and always willing to help individuals. There is always someone happy to actively listen and give professional advice. 

Oh, I was about to forget: the main office! An office with a view - and what a view, over the English Channel in Portland. Come and visit us and meet our wonderful team. We most welcome you. 

Ada - Live-in Care Worker

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